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How do I choose a niche for dummies?

As you already know by now earning money online has never been this easier and faster thanks to Google AdSense. Like most people, you have a blog but you are not sure which market niche to go for. This article will give you a few tips which will be helpful.

The first step is to come up with a list of about five possibly profitable market niches. While making a list be guided by questions such as what is my passion? Who do I want to work with? For instance, your list may have Health, fitness, food, and relationships. After some analysis pick one.

The second step is to narrow the niche further by picking a sub-niche. For instance, if you picked relationship you may select dating as a sub-niche. You may narrow the niche further until you are satisfied that your pick is profitable. Ultimately be sure to select a niche that is captivating and one that you believe you will offer your utmost good.